Current & Returning Student Scholarship

Effective: June 2017

Current & Returning Students

University Scholarship Policy

A student will automatically be eligible for scholarships after completing one semester at BYU-Hawaii.  In order for a student to receive a scholarship, the student must be enrolled in at least 14 credits in the Fall and Winter semesters, and 9 credits in the Spring semester. The amount of scholarship available will be determined by the students cumulative GPA. Outlined below are the CGPA requirements and the corresponding scholarship award amounts for the 2017-2018 academic year:



Award Amount

3.450 - 3.749

1/4 Tuition

3.750 - 3.849

1/2 Tuition

3.850 - 3.949

3/4 Tuition

3.950 - 4.0

Full Tuition


Once grades for the preceding semester are posted and the cumulative GPA is calculated, an award letter from the Financial Aid Office will be sent to each qualifying student informing them of their scholarship and requesting that they:

  1. Complete a short survey so that we can assure that students receiving the various awards meet all the other applicable criteria and
  2. Submit a thank you letter that we can provide to our gracious donors.  

Once this information is received by the Financial Aid Office we will then release the scholarship into the student account.

Note:  Although the exact amount of scholarship will not be available until just before the start of the semester, the student will be able to estimate the amount to be received based upon their current cumulative GPA and how well the student is doing in their current classes. All undergraduate students currently enrolled with grades at BYUH will qualify to be considered for these scholarships.  Returning missionaries will be automatically considered based on their prior grades at BYUH. 

New Freshman/Transfer Students

All new and/or newly transferred students to BYU-Hawaii will need to be enrolled with a minimum of 12 credits their first semester and 14 credits each following semester at BYU-Hawaii to be eligible for the academic merit scholarship.


All BYUH Students

Leave of Absence/Discontinuance

Students who take a leave of absence or discontinue for 3 consecutive semesters will need to complete one full-time (14 credits) semester before becoming eligible for the merit scholarship.



Students that receive a CGPA of 3.45 – 3.849 will not receive the merit scholarship if they are taking an internship class, because they will receive the half tuition internship discount.
Students that receive a CGPA of 3.85 – 4.0 will receive the half tuition discount and the additional portion to make up the difference of their scholarship.
The internship discount will be applied to the total tuition during the semester, not just the internship credits.


Online Classes

Students can receive scholarship while taking online classes, however, students must have at least 1 credit on campus and the appropriate credit requirement for the semester (14 total credits).
If the student takes 100% online classes they cannot receive the merit scholarship, however, they will receive a tuition discount. They must fill out a form and turn it in to the Registrar’s office to get the reduced tuition rate.


Withdrawal from School

Students who withdraw from school will lose their merit scholarship in that semester.


Dropped Classes

Students who drop classes during the semester and end up not meeting the credit requirements of 14 credits will lose their merit scholarship.


Appeals Process

Students may feel free to submit an appeal to our financial aid office if by any reason are not able to meet the scholarship requirements.


External Scholarships

External Scholarships have their own criteria, please click on the link below regarding applications for external scholarship (Examples: Kamehameha, Native American, etc.)


Department Scholarships

Department scholarships are decided by the department. Each Department has their own criteria.

Spouses / Dependents / Non-Degree Seeking Students

Spouses of BYU-Hawaii employees are not eligible for a merit scholarship.
Dependents of BYU-Hawaii employees or Church Leadership are eligible for a merit scholarship.
Non-Degree Seeking Students are not eligible for a merit scholarship.

Late Disbursements

Scholarships will need to be processed and disbursed before the end of each semester. We do not award scholarships for prior semesters. It is the responsibility of the student to review their account and ensure their award was applied correctly.