Deferred Payment Plan



Fall 2018

Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Application period for Deferred Payment Plan Aug 1 - Sep 19 Dec 3 - Jan 23 Apr 1 - May 15
Payment Plan Deadlines Sep 19, Oct 19 Jan 23, Feb 23, Mar 23 May 15, Jun 15


Why should I apply for a “FREE” Deferred Payment Plan?

A Deferred Payment Plan extends your payment deadline for your tuition, class fees, housing and insurance charges that you aren’t able to pay for by the tuition due date.


What if I’m receiving University Scholarship, Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and/or External Scholarships?

The University does not release any aid until after the ADD/DROP deadline. Since it is after the payment deadline date, we recommend that you complete a deferred payment plan. Your aid will pay your deferred payment plan before refunding you the difference.


If I apply for a Deferred Payment Plan and the repayment isn’t due until later in the semester, can I receive all my aid and pay my balance later in the semester?

No, the aid that you receive must pay for all University charges before a refund can be made.


How do I know if I’m eligible for a Deferred Payment Plan?

All BYU-Hawaii students are eligible for a Deferred Payment Plan; however if you have a balance from a prior semester, you won’t be eligible, until your past due balance is paid. 


If I apply for a Deferred Payment Plan now, does it automatically renew for the next semester?

No, you will need to request for a Deferred Payment Plan each semester that you need one. We DO NOT automatically renew it for you.


How would I repay my Deferred Payment Plan?

You may make payments online by logging into or at the BYU-Hawaii Cashier's Office.


If I apply for a Deferred Payment Plan, would it remove my negative service indicator (HOLD) on my student account?

No, a Deferred Payment Plan will not remove a negative service indicator (HOLD) from your student account. The Deferred Payment Plan will hold your classes from being dropped and extend your payment deadline.


Can I setup payroll deductions to pay for my Deferred Payment Plan?

Yes, you can as long as you are employed with BYU-Hawaii or the Polynesian Cultural Center. You will need to meet with one of our Financial Aid Counselors to setup your payroll deduction.


When do I pay for my Deferred Payment Plan?

The payment plan deadlines are listed at the top of this page.


How do I sign-up for a Deferred Payment Plan?

You will need to log into my.byuh Here are the steps on how to complete your deferred payment plan, please click here.