IWORK Frequently Asked Questions
For Current Students


Q. What is required of an I-WORK student?

* Complete at least 14 credit hours in a semester
* Maintain good academic standing
* Expected to graduate in 9 semesters in residence
* Abide by the Honor Code
* Be physically able to participate in any job assigned at the Polynesian Cultural Center or BYU-Hawaii
* Work 19 hours/week during semester and 40 hours/week while school is not in session.


Q. How do I pay for my Student Contribution?

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to byuh.edu

2. At the top right of the page click on “mybyuh”

3. Log on to your mybyuh student account

4. Click on the “Student” tab

5. Click on “Student Center”

6. Click on “make a payment” under the Finances section

7. Click on “make a payment” again

8. Enter amount to be paid in the “Family Contribution” box

9. Select credit card or eCheck in the drop down box

10. Click “Pay”

11. Fill out information and then click “continue”


Q. If I can’t make the full payment for my Student Contribution at the beginning of each academic year, what are my options?

Students are given the flexibility of choosing to split their Student Contribution (SC) in 2 or 3 semesters. For example, if student A has an annual SC of $600 and cannot make the full payment before the Fall semester starts the student can split the SC into 3 semesters, in which, $200 will be due before the Fall, Winter, and Spring semester starts.


Q. What is the Travel Policy?

Whenever an IWORK student leaves the island of O’ahu or takes time off from work we consider this travel/vacation.  We understand that students might need to travel for personal reasons (e.g. visit family/friends, wedding, etc.), however, travel must not interfere with their scheduled classes.  In order for us to make sure that our IWORK students are fulfilling their responsibilities both at school and work the following process must take place in order for a student to travel.


All travel must first be approved by an IWORK counselor BEFORE tickets are purchased.  Travel information and reasons for travel should be explained using the IWORK Request for Travel Form.

A flight itinerary must be submitted to confirm the dates of travel after approval has been received.  Students are responsible for their own travel cost. (NO Buddy passes allowed)

In order for students to travel they will need to meet 5 criteria:

  1. Must be enrolled for 2 consecutive semesters before they can request to travel
  2. Must get approval signature from their employment supervisor/manager and HR
  3. Must be current with their BYU-Hawaii financial student account
  4. Must be in good academic standing
  5. Travel must not interfere with scheduled classes


Travel requests should not be longer than two weeks.  Traveling for more than two weeks is highly discouraged for several reasons:

  • Employers of IWORK students (PCC) have travel policies that do not allow for students to take more than two weeks off.
  • IWORK students have committed to assist with the cost of their education through continuous employment. 
  • The University is paying for facilities and resources (e.g.  Housing and a meal plan) that are not being used while the student is traveling. 


All travel request for more than 2 weeks will need to be reviewed and approved by the IWORK committee. Any exceptions to the policy will also need to be reviewed and approved by the IWORK committee.    


The IWORK program will NOT pay for students housing and meal plans for any student traveling for more than two weeks.  Students who are requesting to travel for more than 2 weeks will be required to pay the expected contribution (typically paid by their hours of work) and the costs associated with housing, meals, and facilities that would have otherwise been used.  These costs are pro-rated.  Students are also required to make arrangements with housing in the event that the student will need to check out of their current room and be re-assigned a new room when they return from travel. The financial aid office will not be responsible for arranging housing accommodations anytime a student travels for more than 2 weeks.


The following required costs for students traveling more than 2 weeks MUST be paid before the student travels.




Cost to Travel 

Days/Weeks of Travel 

Hale w/o Kitchen 

Hale w/ Kitchen & TVA 

1 - 14 days (up to 2 weeks)


15 - 21 days (3rd week)

$108 - $276

$78 - $246

22 - 28 days (4th week)

$188 - $356

$128 - $296

29 - 35 days (5th week)

$268 - $436

$178 - $346


Q. Can I drive a motorized vehicle?

I-WORK students are not allowed to own a vehicle. Insurance, gasoline, repairs, liability, and legal requirements of owning a vehicle are costly; therefore, it is recommended that I-WORK students do not drive. However, we understand that in some cases students will need to have the ability to drive. In order for students to drive any motorized vehicle, the student must:

* Verify that he/she is legally able to drive in the U.S. (e.g. driver’s license)
* Verify that the vehicle is legally registered and insured


Q. I want to transfer jobs from PCC to BYUH, what is the process?

Students with one year left of school will be given the opportunity to transfer employment from PCC to BYUH. Students will need to visit with a financial aid counselor to begin the process. The financial aid counselor will need to verify that the job at BYUH relates to the students major and that proper approval signatures from PCC and BYUH are completed.


Q. Who can I contact if I have questions about I-WORK?

You may contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@byuh.edu, (808) 675-3316 or Jocelyn Lopez at Jocelyn.lopez@byuh.edu, (808) 675-4612 or Laverne Puhi at Laverne.puhi@byuh.edu, (808) 675-3522.


Q. What is the I-WORK Grant?

50% of the I-WORK award will be considered a grant. The student does not have any responsibility to pay back this amount.


Q. What is the I-WORK Loan?

The remaining 50% of the I-WORK award is considered to be a student loan given to the student by the University. BYUH will forgive up to 100% of the loan if the student returns home to live & work in their “target area.” Forgiven loans will never have to be repaid.


Q. What is my responsibility in relation to the I-WORK Loan?

Each year, former I-WORK students must submit documentation to the BYU-Hawaii Financial Aid Office verifying that they are indeed residing in their home country. Either of the following documents will be acceptable:

1. I-WORK Loan Forgiveness Verification (this form)

2. Local tax form indicating residency in country for the past year


Each year that former I-WORK students are residing in their home country/region, 25% of their I-WORK loan portion will be forgiven.