Current & Returning Student Scholarships


Last Updated: June 2019

University Merit Scholarship Policy
A student will automatically be eligible for scholarships after completing one semester at BYU–Hawaii. In order for a student to receive a scholarship the student must be enrolled in at least 14 credits for the Fall and Winter semesters, and 9 credits for the Spring term. The amount of scholarship available will be determined by the students cumulative GPA. Outlined below are the CGPA requirements and the corresponding scholarship award amounts for the 2019-2020 academic year:
CGPA Award Amount (LDS)
3.650 - 3.749 1/4 Tuition
3.750 - 3.849 1/2 Tuition
3.850 - 3.949 3/4 Tuition
3.950 - 4.0 Full Tuition
Once grades for the preceding semester are posted and the cumulative GPA is calculated, an award letter from the Financial Aid Office will be sent to each qualifying student informing them of their scholarship and requesting that they complete a short survey and thank you letter that we can provide to our gracious donors.

Once this letter is received by the Financial Aid Office we will then release the scholarship into the student account.

Note: Although the exact amount of scholarship will not be available until just before the start of the semester, the student will be able to estimate the amount to be received based upon their current cumulative GPA and how well the student is doing in their current classes. All undergraduate students currently enrolled with grades at BYU–Hawaii will qualify to be considered for these scholarships. Returning missionaries will be automatically considered based on their prior grades at BYU–Hawaii. All Merit Scholarship award amounts are based on the LDS tuition rates.
New Freshmen/Transfer Students
All new and/or newly transferred students to BYU–Hawaii will need to be enrolled full-time in their first semester, and in at least 14 credits for Fall and Winter semesters, and 9 credits for Spring semester at BYU–Hawaii to be eligible for the academic merit scholarship.
Other Types of On-Campus Scholarships

Academic Department Scholarships

Academic Department scholarships are decided by the academic department. Each department has their own application process and criteria. Contact your Academic Department for more information.

Leadership Scholarships

BYU–Hawaii Student Leadership has access to a variety of scholarship opportunities. Contact the Student Leadership Office located in the Aloha Center.

Dependent or Employer-Based Scholarships

The employer your parents work for may have a scholarship program available. Have your parents inquire information at the Human Resources Office of their Employer.
Also, you may have worked in the past. your previous employer may have a scholarship program, as an encouragement to enroll in college. Contact your previous employer Human Resources Office for more information.

External Scholarships

External Scholarships have their own criteria; please click here for a list of organizations that gave our office information for external scholarships.
You may also do a search on the Internet using the words "external scholarships" and add your major afterwards.

Make sure to review the Terms and Conditions for Scholarships.

Scholarships will need to be processed and disbursed before the end of each semester. We do not award scholarships for prior semesters. It is the responsibility of the student to review their account and ensure their award was applied correctly.