Pacific Area Scholars scholarship FAQ's

Pacific Area Scholars FAQ’s


Q.  Who is eligible to be considered for the PAS scholarship?

A.  Currently, only students from church schools are eligible to be on the PAS scholarship.  High school Counselors and/or Principals will be referring to BYU-Hawaii the top 5-10% of students from their respective church school. 

Q.  How do I apply for the PAS scholarship?

A.  There is no application for the PAS scholarship.  Recommendations are given to BYU-Hawaii from high school Counselors and/or Principles.

Q.  What is the process for a student to be on the PAS scholarship?

A.  High school Counselors and/or Principles will refer to BYU-Hawaii, students from their respective church school, who are in the top 5-10%.  The Counselor and/or Principle will submit the student’s transcripts, external exam results, and additional certificates or awards to BYU-Hawaii admissions office.  Once this is done, the BYU-Hawaii admissions office will evaluate the student and make a decision to determine if the student will be a recipient of the PAS scholarship. 

Q.  How many students will be admitted to BYU-Hawaii on the PAS scholarship?

A.  BYU-Hawaii will be admitting a maximum of 20 students on the PAS scholarship per semester.  This means that there could possibly be a total of 60 PAS scholarship recipients on BYU-Hawaii campus at any given time.

Q.  Is there a limit per church school for the PAS scholarship?

A.  BYU-Hawaii is very careful on the distributions by school and country; however, there are no set numbers by school or country.

Q. I have been accepted to be part of the PAS program. Can I receive any other campus scholarships in my first semester?

A. In their first semester, PAS students aren't able to be awarded any other institutional scholarships, such as the David O' McKay Recruiting Scholarship or the Returned Missionary Voucher.