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Sponsored Student Employment Requirement Changes

Effective January 1, 2023, all students in the IWORK or Hukilau programs must secure a job with BYU–Hawaii (BYUH) or the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) by the third Wednesday after classes begin.

The PCC has the first opportunity to hire students in the IWORK program. Those not selected by the PCC must find employment at BYUH.

Any students in the IWORK or Hukilau programs still not employed by BYUH or the PCC by the second Wednesday after classes begin are required to meet with an IWORK, financial aid, or student employment counselor within 48 hours. Counselors will help students to find a job. When students meet with a counselor, they should come prepared to explain what they have done to find a job and the problems they have encountered.

Those who fail to meet with a counselor and secure a job by the third Wednesday after classes begin will no longer be eligible for IWORK or Hukilau funding.


Q – If I start a job I do not like, how long must I stay in that job?

A – As a work study participant, IWORK and Hukilau students must remain in their current employment until they secure a new job.

Q – Are students on IWORK and Hukilau required to work on campus (BYUH or PCC)?

A – IWORK and Hukilau students must work on campus to receive their needs-based award from the university. The compensation and payback of the Hukilau award is more than just financial. It is about working together for the mutual investment and contribution of the university and individual students.