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Hukilau Program Application

The mission of Brigham Young University–Hawaii is “to integrate both spiritual and secular learning, and to prepare students with character and integrity who can provide leadership in their families, their communities, their chosen fields, and in building the kingdom of God.” Participation in the Hukilau Program allows students to fulfill BYU–Hawaii’s mission and prophetic vision and provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

It is the university’s judgment that in order to effectively fulfill its educational mission, BYU–Hawaii intends to provide its students the opportunity for spiritual and secular learning from other students with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. It is built on the principle of self-reliance and its goal is to provide the necessary financial assistance to worthy members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so they can return home debt-free and qualified to provide leadership roles in the church, in civic and social affiliations, and within their families.

The Hukilau Domestic Work/Study Program is a unique and generous opportunity available only at BYU-Hawaii. The program provides financial assistance combined with scholarships, academic scholarships, Native Hawaiian or tribal scholarships (if applicable), grants and part-time employment. The program pays all university tuition, class fees (only those pertaining to the student’s major), Student Medical Benefit, and room and board in excess of the student’s semester contribution.

It is designed to assist select and qualified students to have a unique and empowering opportunity while obtaining a quality education at BYU-Hawaii; eligible candidates are typically those who have and can demonstrate deep financial need, are first-generation college students, and have strong connections to the University’s target areas.

Financial Guidelines

The student contribution is comprised of funds received from Pell grant, Native Hawaiian or tribal scholarships and the Native American Service scholarship (if applicable) and a payroll contribution from student employment at BYU–Hawaii.

When a student is selected to participate in the Hukilau Domestic Work/Study Program, the student, his/her family and/or sponsor(s) are expected to honor the financial commitment made on behalf of the student during the student's entire enrollment whether or not the student gets married while attending BYU–Hawaii. The student will be required to contribute to his/her own education by working at BYU–Hawaii and paying a portion of his/her wages toward the student’s own educational cost. The student’s family and/or sponsor will have to help the student obtain the necessary documents to apply for government grants, Native Hawaiian or tribal scholarships and the Native American Service Scholarship (if applicable) on an annual basis as required by each organization.

Length of Program

The Hukilau Domestic Work/Study Program participation is limited to a maximum equivalent of 4 years of year-round attendance. A transfer student’s maximum eligibility will be determined based on the number of transfer credits accepted toward their degree requirements. BYU–Hawaii offers 2 semesters (12 credits each) and 1 term (8 credits) per year, and students are expected to attend all 3 each year. Students who meet the academic standards of the University can complete their degree within 10 semesters.

The student and his or her family should also prepare for limited travel if selected for this program. Students selected for the Hukilau Domestic Work/Study Program will be expected to maintain employment at BYU–Hawaii during semester breaks, holidays and during the summer to meet their financial obligations.


The Hukilau Domestic Work/Study Program is currently accepting applications from candidates of various talents and backgrounds, and that have strong connections to the University’s target areas.

You may view where BYU–Hawaii’s target areas are here.

Sending an application for the Hukilau Domestic Work/Study Program to BYU–Hawaii does not guarantee acceptance. There is a limit to the number of applicants accepted to be part of this great opportunity.

To be selected to participate in the program, the following is the application for all candidates.

Please read carefully each item below, then type your initials on the line indicating that you have read and understand and agree to abide by each requirement.