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IWORK Loan Forgiveness Verification

The international mission of Brigham Young University–Hawaii is to educate young men and women and help them return to their home country prepared to provide leadership in the Church, in civic and social affiliations, and within their families. Therefore, as a participant in the International Work Opportunity Return-ability Kuleana (IWORK) program, students promise that upon completion of their educational experience, the student will return to their home country/region.

Requirements for IWORK Loan Forgiveness Verification

  • Each year that former IWORK students are residing in their home country/region, 25% of their IWORK loan portion will be forgiven. For example: If the student’s loan portion totals $8,000 after they graduate, they will be forgiven $2,000 each year that the appropriate verification documents are submitted and approved.
  • Each year, former IWORK students must submit documentation to BYU–Hawaii Financial Aid & Scholarship verifying that they are indeed residing in their home country. Either of the following documents will be acceptable:
    • IWORK Loan Forgiveness Verification (this form)
    • Local tax form indicating residency in the country for the past year
  • It is the student’s responsibility to update their contact information with Financial Aid & Scholarship.
Loan Forgiveness Verification Form
Certification of Returning to Home Country/Region