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BYU-Hawaii Book Loan


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2016-2017 Availability and Deadlines

  Book Loan Application Period Book Loan Active Book Loan Due
Fall 2016

Jul 1 - Aug 5

Until Aug 19

Oct 1

Winter 2016 - 17 Oct 3 - Nov 11 Until Nov 25 Jan 1
Spring 2017 Feb 6 - Mar 10 Until Mar 24 May 1


BYU-Hawaii Book Loan Agreement 

  1. In order to be approved for this book loan, all outstanding university charges for any enrollment period on my student account must be paid in full, and I must be registered for at least 9 credits (4 credits for a term). The credit requirement may be waived if I am in my last period of enrollment prior to graduating and I have completed a Reduced Load form with the Discontinuance Office.


  2. If the book loan is approved, Financial Services will authorize a book loan account with a credit limit in the amount I have indicated on the application. The credit balance is available upon approval at the bookstore through the date listed above. Book loans may be used for the purpose of buying textbooks and school supplies for the enrollment period indicated on the application. I understand that I am responsible for safeguarding my student ID card. I will make all purchases in person upon presentation of my student ID card.


  3. I understand that a charge for the maximum authorized amount will be placed on my account. Once the loan period is closed, the charge will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount charged at the bookstore. I also understand that in the event I return a book purchased with loan funds, I will not receive a cash refund. The transaction will either reduce my unpaid loan balance, or if the loan is fully repaid, my student account will be credited.


  4. By receiving the Book Loan account, I am entering into a loan agreement that is legally binding and the full amount borrowed must be repaid to BYU-Hawaii.