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Pacific Area Scholars Program

The Pacific Area Scholars (PAS) Program is the most coveted and prestigious scholarship at BYU–Hawaii. Being admitted to this program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as only a few candidates are selected.

Cost of Attendance

Estimated amounts for the 2020-2021 academic year are displayed below:

Fall Winter Spring Total
Tuition $2,945 $2,945 $1,963 $7,853
Room & Board $3,532 $3,532 $2,530 $9,594
Books $450 $450 $450 $1,350
Total Award $6,927 $6,927 $4,943 $18,797

During Your Enrollment at BYU–Hawaii

After each completed semester, once grades are posted and a new CGPA published, scholars' eligibility will be reviewed. Scholars may continue to receive and to cover room & board and books, contingent upon them meeting the requirements of the merit scholarship. The merit scholarship will cover a portion or the full amount of the tuition, based on the cumulative GPA scale. Scholars will be expected to pay for any remaining tuition cost that the merit scholarship does not cover. This cost can be supplemented by student wages earned, should they seek employment. Visit the Merit Scholarship section of our website to learn more about its requirements.

If scholars do not meet eligibility for the program, they will need to apply for the IWORK program.

Scholarship Requirements

  • The Pacific Area Scholars award will cover no more than four years in residence.
  • Scholars will be required to enroll in a minimum of 14 credits for fall and winter, and nine credits for spring.
  • This scholarship may not combine with any other institutional scholarships in the student's first year.
  • Scholars will need to meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements for the merit scholarship in order to continue on the PAS program.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible to be considered for the PAS scholarship?
Currently, only students from church schools are eligible to be on the PAS scholarship. High school counselors and/or principals will be referring to BYU–Hawaii the top 5-10% of students from their respective church school.
How do I apply for the PAS scholarship?
There is no application for the PAS scholarship. Recommendations are given to BYU–Hawaii from high school counselors and/or principals. Admission to the scholarship program is decided by the Ho'okele Department's Admissions division.
Is there a limit per church school for the PAS scholarship?
BYU–Hawaii is very careful about the distributions by school and country; however, there are no set numbers by school or country.
I have been accepted to be part of the PAS program. Can I receive any on-campus scholarships?
In their first semester, PAS students are able to be awarded any other institutional scholarships, such as the David O. McKay Recruiting Scholarship or the Returned Missionary Voucher. They may also be awarded a merit or a departmental scholarship in their first year. These awards will reduce aid coming from the PAC program.
In any of the subsequent years on the program, scholarships will help reduce any outstanding balances the student has.
I have been admitted to the PAS program and happen to have dual citizenship (US and home country). Do I need to submit a FAFSA?
Yes, for the academic year, and any future years as long as you remain in the program. FAFSA's must be completed and submitted here.
What is the process for a student to be on the PAS scholarship?
High school counselors and/or principals will refer to BYU–Hawaii, students from their respective church school, who are in the top 5-10%. The counselor and/or principal will submit the student’s transcripts, external exam results, and additional certificates or awards to BYU–Hawaii Ho'okele Department's Admissions division. Once this is done, the Admissions division will evaluate the student and make a decision to determine if the student will be a recipient of the PAS scholarship.