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Pacific Area Scholars Scholarship


The Pacific Area Scholars (PAS) scholarship is the most coveted and prestigious scholarship at BYU–Hawaii. Receiving this scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as only a few candidates are selected.


Scholars will receive the PAS scholarship for a year. Scholarship eligibility will then be reviewed after each completed semester, once grades are posted and a new cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is available. Scholars may continue to receive aid to cover room and board and books.

If scholars do not meet eligibility for the scholarship, they can apply for the IWORK program or become self-funded.


The scholarship provides recipients with full tuition, room and board, and books for all four years for those who maintain eligibility. It also includes a travel stipend to help cover transportation to BYU–Hawaii and your return home upon graduation (one round trip total).


  • The Pacific Area Scholars scholarship will cover no more than four years in residence.
  • Scholars will be required to enroll in a minimum of 14 credits for fall and winter and 9 credits for spring.
  • Scholars must maintain a 3.20 CGPA to continue to receive the PAS scholarship.

Cost of Attendance

Estimated amounts for the 2023-2024 academic year are displayed below:

Fall Winter Spring Total
Tuition $3,219 $3,219 $2,144 $8,582
Room and Board $5,213 $5,213 $2,017 $12,443
Books $655 $655 $655 $1,965
Total Award $9,087 $9,087 $4,816 $22,990

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be considered for the PAS scholarship?

Currently, only the two top students from church schools in the Pacific area are eligible.

How do I apply for the PAS scholarship?

There is no application for the PAS scholarship and is based on recommendations. Admission to the scholarship program is decided by the Ho'okele department.

Is there a limit per church school for the PAS scholarship?

BYU–Hawaii will make that determination.

Can I receive any other scholarships while receiving the PAS scholarship?

PAS students are eligible to receive a Dean's List Scholarship if they maintain a 3.750 CGPA; they are also able to receive other institutional and external scholarships.