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FAQs Hukilau Program

  • The Hukilau program is a unique and generous work/study opportunity available only at BYU–Hawaii. The program's structure is designed to provide financial assistance to students to graduate within four years of study. All university tuition, class fees (only those pertaining to the student’s major), student medical benefit, and room and board in excess of the student’s semester contribution are covered.
  • The Hukilau program is designed to assist selected students to have a unique and empowering opportunity while obtaining a quality education at BYU–Hawaii. Candidates are typically those who have and can demonstrate financial need.
    A FAFSA is required.
  • Applicants must
    • be admitted to BYU–Hawaii as a student
    • submit a FAFSA
    • submit a Hukilau application
    • become familiar with the Terms and Conditions of the program
    • once admitted to the program, complete the Hukilau checklist process every semester

    We recommend students contact Residential Life for housing accommodations.
  • As a work study participant, Hukilau students must remain in their current employment until they secure a new job.
  • Hukilau students must work on campus at BYUH or PCC to receive their needs-based award from the university. The compensation and payback of the Hukilau award are more than just financial. It is about working together for the mutual investment and contribution of the university and individual students.
  • This is a common question we receive.
    One of the program's goals is to give students a quality education while remaining debt free. For this reason, students in the Hukilau program are not allowed to use student loans.
  • Students can discuss their individual financial needs and possible solutions with the dean of students.