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Federal Financial Aid Programs

Financial Aid & Scholarships works collaboratively with the Department of Education/Office of Federal Student Aid to help make a degree financially possible for every qualified BYU–Hawaii student. However, federal financial aid is just one part of a payment strategy that should include money saved by the family and student for attending school.

Federal student aid programs offered at BYU–Hawaii include:

Which FAFSA to Submit?

SemestersSubmit this FAFSAUsing Income/Tax Information FormApplication Available on
Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 20242023 - 20242021Oct. 1, 2022
Fall 2024, Winter 2025, Spring 20252024-20252022Dec. 1, 2023

To submit a FAFSA, visit Student

Federal aid tutorials are available on the Federal Student Aid YouTube channel.

Please, note that:

  • Students enrolled as visiting or non-degree seeking are not eligible for federal aid, scholarships, or any other financial aid.
  • Students must be eligible for financial aid, complete all processing, meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements, and be enrolled in sufficient eligible credit hours before funds are disbursed.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships regularly updates its information regarding students' financial aid eligibility. As information changes, an applicant’s award eligibility may be affected. For example, additional financial aid, including but not limited to scholarships and other monies awarded or identified after a tentative award has been determined, may reduce or eliminate your eligibility. In some instances, financial aid recipients may even be required to repay a portion or all of their award.
  • If it is necessary to adjust or modify your award, Financial Aid & Scholarships will attempt to notify you of the change.
  • If you are convicted of a controlled substance-related offense while receiving federal financial aid, your aid eligibility will be impacted.

As a courtesy, Financial Aid & Scholarships makes the following guide available to any BYU–Hawaii incoming domestic students.