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Employment at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) Employment for IWORK Students

Prior to orientation week, the PCC managers and supervisors determine what openings are available based on students graduating or making changes for other reasons. During PCC orientation, the jobs are explained and students are given a list of jobs and asked to make a first, second, and third choice. Students then interview for the employment of their choice.
  • All Polynesian students are invited to audition as performers (Night Show, Canoe Show, Islands, and Luaus). The Polynesian Cultural Center sponsors students to provide an authentic cultural and spiritual experience for guests.
  • IWORK students receive several hours of training during New Student Orientation which is required before working at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Their first paycheck includes the PCC training hours. Accommodations based on disability are provided according to the University's Accommodations of Persons with Disabilities policy.
  • While most jobs begin at minimum wage ($10.10 an hour), some jobs such as dishwashing may begin at a higher rate per hour and students working in reservations earn a commission. Some theater jobs and roles may pay $0.75-$1.00 more per hour. Student supervisors may get an extra dollar per hour. Some hazardous jobs may pay an additional $1.50 an hour.
  • Students need a bank account where their money can be deposited. Bank representatives will be represented at the "One Stop" event, part of New Student Orientation.
  • Students are recommended by their supervisors and managers for performance, dress, and grooming at work.
  • Guests sometimes write letters to the PCC about a particular student. The student is given a copy of the guest’s letter along with a letter from the PCC president. These letters are also placed in the student’s file to become a part of their portfolio.
  • The PCC offers Cultural and Performance Awards of Excellence of up to $750 each to students identified as highly important and valuable to the core product of PCC (cultural performance).

    Another employment recognition is the PCC student employee of the year award called the "Spirit of Aloha Award" which may be up to $5,000.