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IWORK Travel Terms & Conditions

All travel must first be approved by an IWORK Counselor BEFORE tickets are purchased by submitting an IWORK Request for Travel/Vacation Form.
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A flight itinerary must be submitted to confirm the dates of travel after approval has been granted. Students are responsible for their own travel costs. (NO Buddy passes allowed). In order for students to travel, they will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Must complete 2 consecutive semesters BEFORE they can request to travel.
  2. Must get approval signature from their employment supervisor/manager.
  3. Must be current with their BYU–Hawaii financial student account.
  4. Must be in good academic standing.
  5. Travel must not interfere with scheduled classes.
  6. Must meet with an SMB representative for clearance.
  7. May pay for the daily empty room rate (the IWORK program will NOT pay for students' housing and meal plans during any student traveling).

Travel/vacation requests should not be longer than two weeks. Traveling for more than two weeks is highly discouraged for several reasons.

  • Employers of IWORK students (PCC) have travel policies that do not allow for students to take more than two weeks off.
  • IWORK students have committed to assist with the cost of their education through continuous employment.
  • The University is paying for facilities and resources (e.g. Housing and a meal plan) that are not being used while the student is traveling.

All travel/vacation requests for more than 2 weeks will need to be reviewed and approved by the IWORK committee. Any exceptions to the policy will also need to be reviewed and approved by the IWORK committee.