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Scholarships Terms & Conditions

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    Merit and Departmental Scholarships
    Students being awarded any of these scholarships will need to be enrolled in a minimum of 14 credits for fall and winter, nine credits for spring. Summer is not an official term as it is only meant for internship enrollment, therefore no merit or departmental scholarships are available.
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    Leave of Absence/Discontinuance
    Students who take a leave of absence or discontinue for three consecutive semesters will need to complete one full-time (14 credits fall/winter, nine credit spring) semester before becoming eligible for the merit scholarship.
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    Online Classes
    Students can receive scholarships while taking online classes, however, students must have at least 51% of their enrolled credits on campus and the appropriate credit requirement for the semester (14 total credits fall/winter, nine credits spring).

    If the student takes 100% online classes they cannot receive the merit scholarship (and any other institutional scholarships); however, they will receive a tuition discount. They must fill out a form and turn it into the Office of the Registrar to get the reduced tuition rate.
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    Withdraw from School
    Students who withdraw from school will lose their merit scholarship in that semester.
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    Dropped Classes
    Students who drop classes during the semester and end up not meeting the credit requirements of enrolled credits will lose their merit scholarship.

    As a reminder, for fall and winter, students must be enrolled in at least 14 credits, and nine credits for the spring semester.
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    Appeals Process
    Students may feel free to submit an appeal to Financial Aid & Scholarship if by any reason are not able to meet the scholarship requirements.
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    External Scholarships
    External scholarships have their own criteria.

    You may use any internet search engine to find external scholarships or consult a compiled list of external scholarships our office receives.

    External scholarship cannot be disbursed to the newly created summer "term".
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    Department Scholarships
    Department scholarships are decided by the department. Each department has its own criteria.

    Students should contact their respective academic programs, to be aware of opportunities and the application process and deadlines. Deadlines for decisions are set for the end of the first month of each semester.
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    Spouses / Dependents / Non-Degree Seeking Students
    Spouses of BYU–Hawaii employees are not eligible for a merit scholarship.

    Dependents of BYU–Hawaii employees or Church leadership are eligible for a merit scholarship.

    Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for a merit scholarship.
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    Late Disbursements
    Scholarships will need to be processed and disbursed before the end of each semester. We do not award scholarships for prior semesters. It is the responsibility of the student to review their account and ensure their award was applied correctly.
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    Grade Adjustments
    Students who have a change in grade after the grade submission deadline will need to notify Financial Aid & Scholarship of the grade change. The new CGPA will then be applied to future semesters and not back awarded for prior semesters.