Important Reminders

New & Prospective Students, click here


Attention International Students Graduating or Leaving after Fall 2013

If you will graduate or are planning to discontinue from BYUH and return to your home country after the Fall 2013 semester and you paid the Return Airfare fee when you were accepted to BYU-Hawaii, you must come to the Financial Aid & Student Accounts Office in the Lorenzo Snow Administration Building to make your travel arrangements home. You must come in by Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013 in order for your return airfare to be paid by the University. Questions? Contact financialservices@byuh.edu or 675.3316/675.3706.

Payment Deadline Winter 2014

The payment deadline for Winter charges and past due balances is Monday, Dec. 30, 2013. If you still have a balance after this deadline a restriction will be placed on your account that will prevent you from adding and dropping classes until the balance has been cleared with Financial Services. We will consider any anticipated aid for current term/semester as payment of your charges as long as you have completed all the necessary requirements in order to receive the aid. Please make a payment to clear your account or apply for a deferred payment plan online here. If you will not be attending this term/semester please click on the discontinue link by logging in to mybyuh at www.byuh.edu or call the register’s office to discontinue properly from school. For other important dates and deadlines to remember please click here. Questions? Contact financialservices@byuh.edu or 675.3316/675.3706.

IMPORTANT Financial Aid Information

  1. All students who anticipate receiving FEDERAL AID CANNOT take 50% or more of their credits in online classes. Doing this will make you ineligible for Federal Aid
  2. All students who are anticipate receiving scholarships provided through BYUH must be registered for a minimum of 14 credits in order to receive their scholarships. If you have any questions please contact us immediately so that we can assist you.

Dates & Deadlines


Term Fall 2013 Winter 2014 Summer 2014
Award letters Aug 1
Aug 1
Aug 1
Payment deadline* Sept 2
Dec 30
Apr 14
Final Payment Deadline
Sept 13
Jan 10
Apr 25
Classes Begin Sept 9
Jan 6
Apr 21/Jul 14
Add/Drop Deadline Sept 12
Jan 9
Apr 24
Awards disbursed to student accounts Sept 13
Jan 10
Apr 25/Jul 18
Refunds Begin Sept 17
Jan 14
Apr 29/Jul 22
Book Loan Application Period Jul 29- Sept 27
Dec 16- Jan 24
Apr 3 - Apr 25/Jul 1 - Jul 25
Online Deferred Payment Plan Application Period Jul 29- Sept 27
Dec 16- Jan 24
Apr 3 - Apr 25
Book Loan Repayment Deadline
Dec 1
Apr 1
Jun 1, Sept 1
Payment Plan Repayment Deadline
Dec 1
Apr 1
Jul 15

*All outstanding balances not paid as of this date will receive an services hold on their student account

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Phone: (808) 675-3316, (808) 675-3706, (808) 675-3539/ Fax: (808) 675-3323

Email: financialservices@byuh.edu