Federal Aid


Federal Financial Aid Programs


Federal Student Aid programs offered at BYU-Hawaii include:  


Dates & Deadlines



Federal loan, grant and scholarships are disbursed under the following guidelines.

  • Students must be eligible for financial aid, complete all processing, meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and be enrolled in sufficient eligible credit hours before funds are disbursed.
    • Although a student is awarded and has sufficient credit hours, funds cannot be disbursed if he or she is not making Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • Grants, loans and scholarships for periods longer than one enrollment, are divided into multiple disbursements. Half of the aid is released at the start of the first enrollment and the second half is released at the start of the second enrollment.
  • Scholarships, federal grants and loans will first be applied to pay outstanding tuition, fees and expenses. Remaining funds will be disbursed according to the university’s Refund Policy .
  • PLUS loans funds will be mailed as paper checks to parent borrowers.
  • Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and institutional scholarships are disbursed according to the Dates & Deadline schedule (above) if all requirements have been fulfilled.

Students enrolled as visiting or non-degree seeking are not eligible for federal aid, scholarships, or any other financial aid.

Please Note

The actual amount awarded you is subject to change and may be modified or eliminated on account of any of the following:

  1. The BYUH Financial Aid & Student Accounts (FASA) Office uses software system to process financial aid awards. The university reserves the right to correct errors which may have been introduced in the system and to recalculate and adjust financial aid awards as appropriate.
  2. The rules and regulations for some financial aid programs (e.g., SMART Grants and ACG Grants) are either changing or being modified by the Department of Education. If applicable, such changes and/or clarifications may adversely affect (reduce or even eliminate) the amount you were originally scheduled to receive.
  3. The BYUH FASA Office regularly updates its information regarding student financial aid applicants/recipients. As information changes, an applicant’s award eligibility may be affected. For example, additional financial aid, including but not limited to scholarships and other monies awarded or identified after a tentative award has been determined, may reduce or eliminate your eligibility. In some instances, financial aid recipients may even be required to repay a portion or all of their award.
  4. Students are required to make satisfactory academic progress in order to remain eligible to receive federal financial aid. In other words, regardless of your eligibility determination you may be denied financial aid at the time of actual disbursement (i.e., beginning of each semester/term) if you have failed to make satisfactory academic progress as of the end of the previous semester/term. Please view the following website for specific requirements: Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  5. Failure to comply with the specific eligibility/disbursement requirements which apply for each type of financial aid award.

If it is necessary to adjust or modify your award, the BYUH FASA Office will attempt to notify you of the change