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External Scholarships

Financial Aid & Scholarships encourages students to research and apply for as many of external scholarships as possible.
Searching for these opportunities can be worthwhile.

Some resources to look into for outside scholarships may include:

  • High school counselors
  • Community and high school clubs
  • Local organizations and businesses (previous employers, parents' employers, banks, local non-profit organizations, etc.)
  • State and national scholarship programs
  • Scholarship search engines (see below)

We recommend you use caution when giving out your personal information.
Here are some guidelines from the Department of Education, along with advice to avoid scams.

Additional Resources

Scholarship Universe (BYUH dedicated external scholarship database)
Hawaii Community Foundation
Kamehameha Scholarship
Hawaii Education Association (HEA)
International Scholarship
American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC)
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
United Negro College Fund
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund